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SEP/27/2011 President’s talk at CISMA party   2011/9/27

President’s talk at CISMA party

Honorable guest, ladies and gentleman, and SIRUBA partners from all over the world, good evening!

I’d like to say thank you for joining our gathering, and it’s my pleasure to meet you all again. First of all, I’d like to announce a good news to all our dear friends. This year, we’re honored to be nominated and awarded as one of the “Top 100 Taiwan Brands” by the ministry of economic affairs in Taiwan, along with all the winners like ASUS and HTC. And we’d like to express our gratitude to all of you for your constant supports and efforts in developing the markets, so SIRUBA can become an international brand. Thank you!

The power of a Brand is very helpful for sales. So we always emphasize our brand management, and meanwhile, we’re currently consolidating our brand. As you all may notice that we have our new company identity as “SIRUBA-Sew Reach”.

This is an important idea for “constantly moving forward and constantly improving”, which means that we can “SEW forward” by using SIRUBA machine.

And “Sew Reach” also suggests that we hope everyone who works with SIRUBA, everyone who sells SIRUBA, and everyone who uses SIRUBA, can be “So Rich”- “R.I.C.H”.

We’re facing the challenges of a very competitive market. Only if we develop a very active and flexible strategy can we “constantly move forward and constantly improve”, and also that’s how we maintain the competitiveness of our brand. With that in mind, SIRUBA decided to establish strategic alliance with the world-renowned factory, and come up with the innovative idea of “Mechatronic”, which is realized in our new products “700Q overlock and DL989 lockstitch” machines.  We hope all our partners can support this new idea of “Mechatronic” to increase the advantages of our machines.

We know all of you have come a long way to get here. We hope you can relax and enjoy the food and music we prepare for you tonight. We thank you and wish you all the best.

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