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Threads and needles
Launched 700L, the overlock/safety stitch machine which compiles SiRUBA's finest overlock know-how.
Taiwan factory transferred from Nankan to Taoyuan for production scale expanding.
Launched "ASP-EBJ100" and various automatic sewing machines.
“Sewing Automation Department” established.
Obtained the qualification for Taiwan government policy "Strengthen the Taiwanese businessmen to invest in Taiwan"
Increased the shareholding to be 100% of Kaulin Machinery & Electronic Industrial (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
Purchased a new plant in Taoyuan, aiming the production of high-end products and some improvement.
Liquidation of the two subsidiaries, Tong Lin(H.K.) Sewing Machine Co., LTD. and Kaulin Machinery and Electronic industrial (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., in order to integrate the investment and operation in mainland China.
In response to changes in the Indian market and to adjust business type, sold Siruba Machinery India Private Limited.
2011 Was awarded the "Top one hundred of Taiwan brands" and participated in the 20th anniversary of "Taiwan boutique and top one hundred of Taiwan brands exhibition ".
Completed the 2 years plan of industry value chain for the operating headquarters project, and enhanced the ability of group supply chain integration.
Introduced conglomerate business intelligence (BI) platform in April.Introduced product data management (PDM) in March.
Granted Branding Taiwan's "TaiwanSuperior Brands" Award, by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Increased the shareholding to be 85% of Kaulin Machinery & Electronic Industrial (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd and Kaulin Machinery & Electronic Industrial (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. by the investment from SIRUBA INVESTMENT PTE. LTD.
Capital increasing as NTD 236,555,150 from the equity makes the company capital as NTD 1,931,510,800.
SIRUBA India branch office was established in June.
Merger between Kaulin Machinery & Electronic industrial (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. and Kaulin Machinery & Electronic industrial (Ning Bo Machinery) Co., Ltd.
Granted 4th Year Branding Taiwan's "TaiwanSuperior Brands" Award, by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Kaulin Machinery & Electronic industrial (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., registered value at USD 19,500,000.
Our company has focused on the development of new products in recent years, and actively adjusted our operating strategy. The business model of "Orders in Taiwan, factories in China" is our answer to largely increased China market and globalization.
In order to expand our operations in mainland China, earnings from China, used to establish Kaulin Machinery & Electronic industrial (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., through SiRUBA Investment Pte. Ltd.
Company value was up to NTD 1,460,443,240.
Retail department was established in Taipei to provide nationwide services of sales, maintenance and repair.
Company value was up to NTD 1,387,897,640.
Encouraged oversea affiliates to conduct ERP System.
Increased stock holdings in Kaulin Machinery & Electronic industrial (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd in China to 70%, through SiRUBA Investment PTE. Ltd.
Formally Introduced the ERP system to increase management efficiency.
Received the certificate of registration for the new ISO 9001:2000.
Company valued at NTD 1,199,121,060.
SiRUBA Ltd. stock was listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Market.
A purchasing office was opened in Ningbo, China.
SiRUBA Ltd. stock went to public trading on June 2nd.
The Certificate of "Good Design" was granted to the Overlock machine by the China External Trade Development Council.
Began the mass production of the newly developed 1-Needle flatbed Lockstitch machines (the L818 Series), and the post bed Overlock machine (the P700 series), and the R700 Series.
Merger and acquisition of SiRUBA's subsidiaries, Tong Lin (H.K.) Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., SiRUBA Latin America Inc., etc. was completed.
SiRUBA Ltd. European Branch(SIRUBA EUROPA B.U.) was opened.
Kaulin Mfg. Co., Ltd. of Shen-Zhen was invested in mainland China.
Earned the Certificate of Excellence symbolizing superior quality of manufacturing in Taiwan from the Minister of Economic Affairs.
Successfully developed the Small Cylinder Interlock stitch machines (the S007 Series), and introduced to the market.
Yilin Co., Ltd. The subsidiary was founded.
Development of 4-Needle Double Chainstitch machine (the HF008 Series) was successful.
All products passed for the CE Marking in the European Economic Area in January.
Successfully developed 4 and 12-Needle cylinder bed Chainstitch machine (the VC008 Series).
Passed ISO-9002 International QA System Certification performed by the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine.
Successfully introduced industrial use 3-Needle (INTERLOCK SEWING MACHINES) series products to the market.
Companies headquarter relocated to its present address on Min-Sheng East Road.
Appointed by the Corporate Synergy Development Center of Ministry of Economic Affairs, as the only industrial sewing machine Center-Satellite factory in the nation.
Our products passed the certification by the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine, awarded with CNS Mark.
Manufactures and exports OEM products for companies such as Union Special, Consew US, Blind Stitch, etc.
Technological cooperation with Rimoldi & CF of Italy, manufactures and exports 427 series Overlock machines.
Begins the 860 series Overlock machine production for SINGER Sewing Co. to export worldwide.
Introduced industrial ultra high-speed serged edge Overlock machines.
Our 2-Needle Lockstitch machine was certified by SINGER Sewing Co., to manufacture and export oversea.
A new manufactory was opened in the TaoyuanYouthIndustrial Park area.
Introduced industrial portable bag closer machine to the market.
Kaulin Mfg. Co., Ltd. was founded.